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AP Exata operates in Brazil and Portugal, offering the latest technology in the world on online data collection and analysis. Our offices are located in the cites of Brasília, Vitória and Braga.

We can interpret the social networks conversations and predict by days, weeks and even months, the issues that will impact society. We also measure the influence of digital network movements on our customer's image, products and services.

We develop strategies to generate digital engagement and add positive and determinant values in the new world of the so-called Network Society. Our team is composed by professionals with high academic qualifications - Masters and Doctors - and true market experience. This allows us to analyze the data network not only from a technical and automated point of view, but also from a wide sociological perspective.


Sentiment Analysis
Sentiment Analysis on the Social Networks

AP Exata can analyze more than 30 different types of sentiment expressed by Internet users on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. Our unique algorithm is based on the theory of evolutionary psychology. This allows us to identify patterns, predict crisis and discover product consumption, voting intentions and other sorts of human behavior. Hence, we can identify social profiles related to specific topics.

Big Data and Social Listening
Big Data and Social Listening

Among our services are the collection and analysis of information from large databases, which are published in the online environment. The elaboration of reports and studies on specific topics, based on internet content traffic. AP Exata also works in crisis prevention and crisis management, through social listening. Our social networks monitoring is done in real time and can be tracked by customers through a customized dashboard.

Digital Content
Digital Content

AP Exata assists on the creation and maintenance of pages and profiles on social networks, websites, blogs and online forums. We create and promote digital content, producing online narratives. In addition, we have been able to disseminate our customer's brand, products and services in specific digital niches identified as relevant.


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